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Powering Up: How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders

POWERING UP: How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders

The US is a nation of women Achievers. Yet, despite our accomplishments, American women are still leadership Under Achievers. How can Powering Up! help you answer the leadership call?

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"Anne Doyle is a tested leader, an advocate and innovator for women and leadership.  Hers is a new voice on the national scene, but her book, Powering Up!, is all the evidence you'll need of how in tune she is with the issues and realities women leaders of every generation face today."
- Marie C. Wilson
Founder & President
The White House Project
"It was just a matter of time before Anne Doyle, who is no stranger to hot seats or hot topics, wrote her book. Powering Up! isn't just a roadmap for future women leaders. It's also a must-read for every man who is married to, works with or works for high-achieving women. I couldn't put it down."
- Jim O'Connor
former Group Vice President Marketing and Sales
Ford Motor Company
"Powering Up! synthesizes much of the latest thinking on women's advancement into an inspirational and easy read. Anne Doyle provides a motivational look at how women can build on their strengths to fulfill their true leadership potential."
- Beth Brooke
Global Vice Chair
Ernst & Young
"Anne Doyle's debut book is smart, brave, ballsy and required reading for ambitious women of all ages."
- Susan Shapiro, Author of
Overexposed and Only as Good as Your Word
"Anne Doyle has been breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes all her life. Her advice is honest, hard-earned, and comes from the heart."
- Alex Taylor, III
Senior Editor-at-large
Fortune magazine
"When Anne Doyle broke into sports reporting, the glass ceiling for women in that profession was made of steel -- and so was the door, which was often locked. With good grace, common sense and unrelenting professionalism, Doyle and other pioneers changed the demographics of the craft for the better. She is exceptionally qualified to author a book on female leadership. She knows the turf."
- Joe LaPointe
Sports Journalist, Fanhouse, New York Times, Detroit Free Press
"Anne Doyle shines an up-to-date spotlight on the unique talents and experiences that forge women leaders today. Her own unusual leadership pathway--from journalist and sportscaster to auto industry executive and now elected office--offers rich insight into how far women have come and what's next for those who dare to want more. Read this book."
- Betsy Berkhemer
President, Berkhemer Clayton Executive Search & Former California President, National Association Women Business Owners
Anne Doyle & Son Kevin
The author and son, Kevin.