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Hello. I'm Anne Doyle, author of Powering Up! How America's Women Achievers Become Leaders.

For the past four decades, I have been on the front lines of a generation of American women who helped redefine the world of work. I've also been tested in some of the toughest leadership laboratories: sports locker rooms, the global auto industry, political office and parenting.

Today, my focus is the unlimited possibilities just ahead as women and the most diverse workforce in our history begin powering up into leadership.

Strategic advantage awaits those with the vision and courage to create innovative paths for this new breed of leaders. Here are ways I can help:

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Bridging the Millennial/Baby Boomer Divide

As a new generation of aspiring women, who were raised to believe they could "be anything and do anything," begins to hit its stride, we're witnessing a fresh surge of female activism and a re-kindling of feminist flames that were mere memories for decades. Ambitious female Baby Boomers and Millennial women have more in common than most realize.
"Anne takes it to the next level in all that she does. You could not select a better speaker or trainer than Anne Doyle. She understands the issues and how to convey important concepts in a meaningful way that moves and enlightens audiences."
Rick Kamel
President, PRbytheminute.com
"Anne Doyle has taken the best experience of her years in media, the auto industry, and public relations and transformed it into a unique and powerful executive communications practice. She is both direct and sensitive, focused yet visionary, capable of stimulating change. She knows the key to getting high-level people to overcome personal shortcomings."
Dr. Richard T. Cole
Professor, Michigan State University
"How fun do you imagine it was for Anne Doyle to go toe-to-toe with men like then-Tigers president Jim Campbell? How lonely do you suppose it was to be the only woman, standing outside a locker room door, taking a deep breath and forcing yourself to walk in? Talk about grace under pressure."
Harry Atkins
Associated Press and
Hall of Fame Sports Journalist
"Anne is truly the best executive communications coach I have had in my career. She has helped me to articulate clear messages that are simple, yet impactful to a broad array of audiences from CEOs to shop floor people."
Leslie Desjardins
CFO, Amcor Ltd
"Communications, leadership and strategic skills are requisites for today's business environment. Anne Doyle developed hers in hot seat environments and she passes them on to present and future leaders with the enthusiasm, skill and depth of experience of a true professional who has 'been there and done that.'"
David Scott, Former Vice President
Global Public Affairs, Ford Motor Company
"Insightful as a sage. Hard hitting as a journalist. Inspiring as a coach. A senior executive who has successfully navigated across several industries to come into her own in the new generation of leadership development."
Kathleen Ligocki
CEO, Grupo Salinas Automotive
"In places that reeked of testosterone, Anne Doyle spent years breaking barriers for women and letting in fresh air. From the locker room to the board room, she was a woman working and winning in a man’s world."
Twist magazine
Detroit Free Press