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Leadership Development

It Begins with the Culture: Regardless of gender, generation, or motivation, growing numbers of skilled and ambitious professionals are no longer willing to settle for work cultures and paths to leadership designed for the 50’s and 60s.

"Insightful as a sage. Hard-hitting as a journalist. Inspiring as a coach. Anne Doyle is senior executive who has successfully navigated across several industries to come into her own in the new generation of leadership development."
Kathleen Ligocki, CEO, Tower Automotive

The winners of the coming talent war are those who see the seismic shift underway, and are responding with innovative models for identifying, developing, engaging and retaining the most diverse generation of leaders the professional world has ever known.

The insight that I bring to the hard work of developing new paths to leadership for individual work cultures was developed in two, demanding leadership laboratories: professional sports and the auto industry.

Service Highlights

Do you have a new game plan or are you still standing on the sidelines as the competition for the new breed of leader heats up? Whether your company defines it as Organizational Effectiveness, Organizational Development or Human Resources, that is where I see the real opportunity for work culture innovation and employee engagement.

My consulting work is primarily with organizations and work teams interested in evolving their work culture, including...

  • Developing Flexible Career Tracks
  • Identifying Cultural and Structural Barriers to Leadership
  • Engaging the Emerging Workforce
  • Innovative Mentoring and Leadership Development
  • Utilizing the Power of Individual Leadership Coaching

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