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Communication Skills

My communications consulting services are focused on the following three areas:


Whether your messages are good or bad, my advice is always the same: begin with a strong strategy. My approach to developing media strategy is based on several decades on both sides of the game: as a breaking news journalist and a leader of global communications teams.

"Anne Doyle is cool as a cucumber under fire. She can counsel top executives in the best and worst of times. She can get an organization to focus on what the best communications strategy and tactics should be . . . in good times and bad."
Jason Vines, Vice President, Communications, DaimlerChrysler

Crisis Communications

I literally helped “write a new book” on crisis communications during one of the toughest business challenges of the past decade: the Ford Explorer/Firestone Tire Crisis. Whether it’s training and briefing your leaders ahead of time, dealing with media and stakeholders in the heat of a crisis, or helping to rebuild a battered brand, I’ve been there and done that.

Senior Executive Skills

From 60 Minutes and Good Morning America, to Fortune magazine and USA Today, I have prepared hundreds of executives, dealers and leaders to face-off effectively with the news media. I’ve also developed and led grassroots lobbying training and briefings to prepare decision-makers to confidently hold their own with significant stakeholders. From the spotlight of the national media, to the podium, to the halls of Congress, if I prepare an executive, he or she will be ready.

Service Highlights

Excellent communications is highly individual. My services begin with teaching the fundamentals in small, group workshops. Once leaders have developed their fundamental communications skills (one-to-one, group effectiveness, public speaking, news media interviews), I recommend individual polishing. I have particular expertise – which can be customized for workshops or individual coaching – in the following areas:

  • Keeping your cool in the media glare
  • Polished performances on the podium
  • Personal executive presence
  • A strong voice at the table
  • Holding your own under fire
  • Facing off effectively with stakeholders

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